Rediscover your Bicycle Kick

Stay in the game longer + reduce aching muscles

In your mind’s eye you look like Beckham.  You have the reactions, opportunism, balance and agility.  Certainly, you look forward to the regular catch-up with some good mates, enjoy some healthy competition, the banter that goes with it and a beer in the bar afterwards.  After all, they call it the beautiful game.

But the reality could be more brutal than beautiful.  Your bicycle kick is probably comical slapstick and in the morning you feel as if you’ve climbed Everest!  But stiffness, tight muscles and a possible pulled hamstring can easily be avoided.

Here we suggest two solutions to help you stay in the game longer and reduce next day body ache.

Firstly, those quick bursts of energy as you dart around the pitch can be costly, but they don’t need to be.  A weekly will build up your agility and help you pick up your responses and speed.

Secondly, we’ve put together football focused stretches to warm up / cool down all the right muscle groups and help you stay flexible in the game.

If it’s good enough to keep Ryan Giggs, the sport yoga guru, in the game, then it’s probably going to help you too. The ideal time to stretch is immediately after the game but we all know the bar is waiting, so before jumping in the shower take a few minutes to run through these stretches. You’ll be rewarded the following day!

Give these stretches a try!