Classes: Uncovered – Body Attack

The first of a new series of real-life, honest accounts by our members

A sports inspired workout, to build strength and stamina, sounded like the type of class I was looking for but I must admit the name was a concern. As a regular walker and occasional runner I was looking for a class to deliver an all-round workout but I hadn’t attended the gym for some time so I wanted to be sure it was achievable. Following a recommendation from one of the Pulse 8 team I attended my first class on Wednesday evening.

On arrival I was relieved to find my fellow class mates ranged from early twenties to mid-fifties, I was comfortably in the middle! It was a small class and the instructor took time to introduce herself and the Body Attack concept to the two newbies.

From the outset the class consisted of straightforward, easy to follow, high impact aerobic moves set to motivating music. Jacks, jumping, gallops and step curls loaded the leg muscles and raised the heart rate. For those of us with wobbly bits be prepared for a lot of jumping!

As the class progressed the moves became more intense and included explosive movements such as lunges, squats, burpees and skaters, I was already feeling it!  The high energy style was really engaging and each time I glanced up at the clock I was pleasantly surprised.