It’s time to use the cable machine

Full body [VIDEO] workout

If there’s one machine you shouldn’t be missing out on, it’s the cable machine!

Work your whole body – the cable machine is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the gym. It allows you to focus on each muscle group, add resistance, build strength and burn calories

Quick fix – you’ll feel powerful results and won’t waste time wandering around the gym from machine to machine.

Protect your joints – the cable machine helps you keep good form when working out.

Isolate muscles – this is particularly useful if you are recovering from an injury or training for a particular sport.

Progression – cable is suited to every gym user, for a more intense workout increase your reps and add resistance.

Becky and Lesley have teamed up to bring you a fantastic, full body workout. Its quick, thorough and effective – there’s no wasting time wandering around the gym with this workout!