Don’t Worry, Be Happy

by Paul Hurley, Gym Manager

I’m not going to tell you about Cortisol and endorphins – you’ve already heard about them.

Instead I’ll tell you how it feels to let exercise improve your mood and how to do it.

Exercise, of course! Have you noticed that our gym team are always happy? When you’re physically tired your body will be more inclined to sleep at night. A tired body can override a busy mind and force you to get some proper rest. Regular, deep sleep leads to more alert days, which in turn will affect how you feel about the things that happen to you.  You’ll feel happier about your circumstances. Here are some other exercise tips for improving your mood:

1. Set goals, but keep them real enough to give you a sense of accomplishment

2. Include mindfulness exercise like Yoga or Tai Chi to relax the mind. Start by meditating for 5 minutes before bed, I guarantee you’ll fall asleep faster!

3. Exercising to motivating music during the workout will make it seem easier so that you achieve more.

4. A good 30 minute daily bout of walking has been shown to improve mood more than say, 3 x 10 minute sessions.

5. Moderate intensity strength training is specifically recommended to reduce anxiety and depression.

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Being physically active improves your self-esteem as you’ll feel more in control of your life.  There’s a rewarding sense of achievement when you realise you can easily sprint up a set of stairs, instead of huffing and puffing your way to the top.

The only way to know how it feels to be active, is to go for it and see for yourself.

The mood benefits of just 20 minutes exercise can last up to 12 hours!