Sweet Poison

It’s so hard to resist!  But sugar really is killing us softly and it’s really important that we cut it down.  This is our guide to help you ditch the sweet stuff, without the pain.

Scroll down to watch our video recipe for a super quick, healthy oaty bar! 

First of all, it doesn’t matter whether it’s white, brown, unrefined, molasses or honey – there is no such thing as a healthy sugar.  The sugar in fresh fruit is less concentrated and the fibre counteracts the sugar. So adding fruit to your food is much better than adding sugar.  Some fruits are better than others.  As a general rule, the more fibre in the fruit, the less sugar, so blueberries and raspberries are better than grapes and apples.

Are you typical?

The typical Brit eats or drinks 12 teaspoons of sugar every day.  This added sugar provides empty calories and the body responds by feeling hungry – a cycle which leads to weight gain.

Here are the surprising sugar contents of everyday foods, marketed as “healthy”.  The recommended daily intake of sugar is about 30g i.e. 7 teaspoons.

Low Fat → High Sugar

Often if you see processed food labelled “low fat”, e.g. yoghurt, it’s probably high sugar.  Skimmed milk, for example, is sweeter than semi-skimmed and semi-skimmed is sweeter than whole milk.  Consider leaving it out of your tea or coffee altogether – it takes just a couple of weeks to get used to and once you get there, you’ll never go back!

Sweet switches

If you find yourself reaching for a couple of biscuits between meals, you’re adding another teaspoon of sugar to your intake.  Why not swap them for an oaty bar? You can easily make your own super-bars at home in less than half an hour (see our recipe below!).

Of course, we all know the brands of cereals to avoid, but did you know that even Bran Flakes contain more than a teaspoon of sugar in a single serving?  By far the best low sugar cereals are Weetabix and Quaker Oats.

Fruit juices contain sugar in very high concentrations, without the beneficial fibre. A glass of apple juice contains about 5 whole apples. Imagine trying to eat that many apples!  So if you’re craving apple, eat one with a drink of water, rather than drink the juice!