Find your perfect feel-good class

Classes to improve your mood

We have so many ways to lift your spirits, if the wet weather and shorter days make you feel a bit down. Miki, instructor at Pulse 8, knows how to improve your mood. Her class participants seem to agree. Classes are a great way to combat the natural low we feel during the darker months. They’re uplifting and leave you with a brilliant feel-good factor.

Miki says that every class makes you feel differently, but they all affect you positively. She also believes that trying different classes gives you a chance to find your favourite instructors. She says “everyone is inspired and motivated differently and if your personality relates well to a specific instructor, it’s likely you’ll be more drawn to join their classes.” There’s a great choice of instructors and so many classes to choose from at Pulse 8. Miki also advises teaming up with a friend to spur you on, even when the weather makes you feel like not bothering.

“He who takes the class … makes the class”


One reason yoga leaves you feeling so good is that it activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This helps you to relax, improves digestion, boosts immunity, helps blood pressure and lowers your heart rate. It counteracts many stress-related symptoms and the negative by-products of our modern, fast-paced, high-output lives. If you’re in a high pressure situation or highly stressful job, it’s a great way to unwind.

Body balance

This yoga based class also has elements of Tai Chi and Pilates, which improves flexibility and core strength. It’s calming and stress relieving, but you know you’ve worked your body and leaves you with a feeling of wellbeing.


This fun workout is ideal for fat burning, toning and strength in a protective and supportive environment for a safe workout. It helps you work at an intensity that isn’t possible for some people in land-based exercises. The warm spa water helps improve flexibility and protects joints as you work with a selection of hand weights. It’s great if you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish and slow. You’ll feel invigorated, with a sense of achievement!

Body Combat

This is a power packed and empowering workout, which is both stress relieving and confidence boosting. There are moves here from Karate, Taekwondo and Kung Fu, among others. You’ll feel more in control and the endorphin rush will make you feel happier too!

Box fit

You’ll be hooked after your first stress-busting session, with boxing basic moves of lunges, squats, push-ups and squat jumps. Along with some really punchy beats, you’ll feel fighting fit and unbeatable. Box fit is the perfect antidote to frustration.

Metabolic Blast, Hyper Vipr and TRX

These short, intense classes all bring an endorphin rush. They leave you feeling upbeat, worked out and with an overall sense of wellbeing.

Studio Cycling

Indoor cycling provides aerobic activity which includes periods of sprinting or increased exertion to the beat of awesome music. It can trigger a big rush of adrenaline and release of endorphins. It leads to feelings of euphoria, lower stress levels and enhances the body’s immune response.


Once you’ve joined this party you won’t want to stop. Zumba is an uplifting and joyful celebration of rhythm and infectious Latino beats. It scores very high for feel-good and is guaranteed to keep you upbeat for the rest of the day!

Miki is adamant that there’s nothing more invigorating than running under a clear, blue sky in the fresh, cold air. So, don’t abandon your outdoor activities altogether. Grab every opportunity when you can!