Fitness Training

We can help you

For some, the gym can seem an overwhelming place. To others, it’s a second home. Whichever group you fall into, a well-matched, friendly fitness professional is essential to make your fitness training journey achievable and much, much more fun.  It’s the key to success.

Whether you’re training for your next marathon or you just want to be able to climb the stairs without getting out of breath, come and talk to us.

At Pulse 8 your fitness programme will be created for your goals, taking account of your fitness level and lifestyle. We love beginners as well as high-level athletes, but we often find both these groups try to “go it alone”. In the beginner group it’s because they feel they need to be fit, before they can get fit.  Advanced users can get into a bit of a “familiarity rut”, sticking to what they like and what they know.

To keep your workout effective you need to keep finding new ways to mix it up and keep it entertaining.  We can help you keep the exercise varied, teach you how to use the latest kit and inspire you to stay motivated.

Get results

Reaching a plateau is like hitting a brick wall and it’s a major reason for many people giving up on the gym altogether.  Perhaps you’ve been consistently losing a pound or two a week, but suddenly the scales stop moving. Or you might see fitness improvements come to a standstill.

How can you avoid this lull?  By talking to our expert fitness trainers to help you tackle your exercise or diet plateau head on and get back to what you love most – seeing results.

No excuse, it’s free

Your membership at Pulse 8 includes 6 hour long fitness training assessments, to make sure your programme keeps up with you.

Our fitness coaches are extremely friendly, entirely understanding and always keen to help you and listen to you.