The functional medicine approach

Functional medicine addresses the root cause of your ailments with an individual diet and lifestyle plan. If you suffer from headaches or you struggle to sleep for example, functional medicine will address the triggers rather than treat the symptoms.

Functional medicine helps you to understand how your symptoms are part of an interconnected web of systems within your body. It takes an individual approach looking at genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors.

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to learn more about functional medicine with guest speaker Maria Paula Goncalves.

Maria is a food engineer with a masters degree and a PhD in the area of Food Science, a certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in Human Nutrition and a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Maria is passionate about food and has dedicated much of her career to research.

Maria now works as a sessional nutritionist at the University of Reading and uses her expertise to help people to understand how nutrition and lifestyle changes can help prevent and manage health issues. Maria helps clients achieve their wellbeing goals by building personalised plans.

In the seminar Maria will discuss the link between food and physical and mental health. In particular, she will focus on the interaction between diet, lifestyle and genetics. Maria will explain how focusing on nutrition, sleep and stress relieving techniques can improve our overall wellbeing.

Her seminar will include a presentation and an interactive session with the opportunity to ask questions. To sign up for your free place, please call reception.

25 spaces are available in each seminar

Tuesday 26TH March

11:45 – 12:45

(stretch cube)

Thursday 28TH March

19:30 – 20:30