Gym team’s favourite workouts

A new series focusing on the gym team’s best loved and go-to favourites in the gym

Lesley shares her love for Gravity

Once a week Gravity provides Lesley with a full body workout she looks forward to.
Lesley is a runner, so Gravity is ideal to complement her cardio work, by promoting strength in ligaments and muscles around the knees, hips and ankles and stimulating core strength too.

Strength, core and balance

Gravity offers a complete workout with a huge variety of exercises all on one piece of kit. It’s perfect for strength, core stimulation, control and balance. By varying the angle of the glide board, the exercises can be adjusted to suit all abilities.

Gravity can be used to target very specific muscle groups and encourages good body position. For example, the peck fly can work on incline, decline and level planes. Lesley also likes being able to alter the angle of the glide board to vary the intensity. It’s the perfect piece of kit for unilateral movements and helps you identify your dominant/weaker sides so that you can address the imbalance.

To get started book in with any of our fitness coaches or try a class. But in the meantime, watch the video! Look out for Lesley’s favourite: the Gravity pull up!