WORKOUT your name!

To join in the fun, do the exercises on our list, for each letter of your name; use your first name, last name, nickname or handle …

Record it if you can, share it if you dare and nominate someone to compare!

Prize draw gym challenge to win your next month’s subscription. #TeamPulse8

A 60 Second Plank
B 10 Gravity Pull Ups
C 15 Corebag Squats
D 15 Corebag Goblet Squats
E 30 Second Russian Twist
F 15 Jumping Jacks
G 12 Glute Bridges
H 10 TRX Bicep Curl (TRX)
I 12 Reverse Curl
J 8 Single Leg TRX Squat (L +R)
K 10 TRX Tricep Press
L 12 CoreBag Bent Over Row
M 30 Second Mountain Climbers
N 10 Vipr Side Lunge (L + R)
O 60 Second V-Sit
P 8 TRX Power Pull (L+R)
Q 30 Second Side Plank (L+R)
R 10 Tactical Lunges (L+R)
S 60 Second Kettlebell Swing
T 12 Push Ups/Half Push Ups
U 12 Ab Crunch
V 10 Dumbbell Shoulder Press
W 60 Second Wall Sit
X 10 ‘T’ Fly (TRX)
Y 15 Deadlift
Z 8 Single Leg Deadlift (L+R)