How to stay hydrated

Our gym team share their top tips

What will drinking more water do for you?

Drinking water helps you in more ways than you think:

  • reduces fatigue
  • helps weight loss
  • reduces fluid retention
  • helps build muscle, and
  • improves muscle tone

You’ll be healthier and happier!

Tina Evans, Fitness Supervisor at Pulse 8, says, “Good hydration can work better to improve your skin’s elasticity than many branded face creams.” It also helps you stay flexible and alert, both physically and mentally. All your activities, including your workouts will be easier if you’re well hydrated before you start.  Blood pressure is regulated and electrolyte balance is maintained.


So why are so many of us dehydrated?

By the time you are thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. 

Many of us are living hectic lives and just forget to stop for a drink or don’t realise we’re thirsty, mistaking the signals for hunger.

Exercise is particularly dehydrating.  Rob McEnaney, Fitness Instructor at Pulse 8, says, “Drinking water before exercise is essential as replacing lost fluids is key to a healthy, beneficial workout”.  According to research even a tiny loss of just 1.5 % is the tipping point at which your mood, energy levels, and cognitive function all drop.

What are the best ways to drink more?

Apps can remind you to drink all through the day and track your intake.

We road tested two hydration apps: Water Daily and Water Hydrate Me.  We found that they definitely make you much more aware of how much you usually drink and unexpectedly also seemed to trigger the drinking signal for everyone else in the room!

Maintaining good hydration is especially important for the younger generations.  Small children may not be able to help themselves to drinks, so the hydration apps are a great way to remember to offer regular drinks.  We also found that in families with teenagers, the apps are ideal reminders for how often they miss out!