Immunity Seduced

Many products on store shelves claim to boost immunity.

 But the concept of helping our immune systems through diet and supplements is not supported by scientific evidence. 

Whilst the research continues, you can rely on one proven method that really does work.  It’s not a magic pill and it’s easy to do, but somehow it slips down our list of priorities.

Physical exercise definitely improves the immune system.  But it only works if you keep it up.  Sometimes called “exercise adherence”, sticking to a regime of exercise for some people is really difficult.  So here are some tricks that you can use to stay as fit and well as you can be, indefinitely.

What makes you put your trainers on?

There are a number of influences which may be quietly conspiring to keep you out of your trainers.  Recognising what they are is the first step towards changing your inner dialogue to make the right decision and put them back on!

Social support and encouragement

Positive feedback is extremely motivating.  Your psyche will feel rewarded and will want you to repeat the behaviour (in this case, exercise) which attracted the feedback.  This is especially effective when it comes from an exercise professional.

Research shows that the influence of a fitness coach is vitally important for exercise adherence.  A personal evaluation and programme is also essential to long term success.  So don’t be a stranger!  Find your friendly fitness trainer (we have plenty at Pulse 8!) and check in with them regularly to stay healthy.

Immune System

Take a friend or make a friend

Exercising with a close friend or family member reinforces your resolve and makes it less likely you’ll “bail out” at the last minute.  If this isn’t possible, join a regular class at the gym and you’ll soon match up with people whose aims and interests are similar to yours.

Stop guessing and start measuring

Learning of your actual fitness gains is so rewarding that an entire industry of wearable trackers has exploded into our lives.  Tracking is mysteriously addictive, encouraging you to take extra steps or climb stairs whenever you can.  Many people find themselves behaving in uncharacteristically healthy ways.  For example, pacing around airports, instead of sitting with a coffee, and avoiding lifts and escalators at every opportunity!

Crowd finding

Interestingly, watching others exercise can help you stick to your own plan.  So incorporating the gym into your life and exercising alongside others is another little trick to keep you on track.

Fighting off some of those debilitating winter ailments is possible, but not with a pill.  Just good, old-fashioned exercise, taken regularly.  It will help your mood as well as your health and you’ll feel really good about yourself.  The most important thing you can do is talk to us!  We’ll keep you going.