Get to grips with kettlebells

Why Kettlebells?

“If you try one class, it should be Kettlebells”
David, Gym Manager

If there’s one piece of equipment that can provide the ultimate total body workout, it’s the kettlebell. Recent studies have found that the average person can burn 400 calories in just 20 minutes with a kettlebell – equivalent to running a six-minute mile pace!

Fitness instructor Tina Evans explains;

“Training with a kettlebell engages the whole body with every move, combining strength training and cardio in one workout. I always recommend it for anyone wanting  to improve fitness, tone up, keep lean and drop body fat, then a kettlebell workout will help you get fast results.”

“Using a kettlebell is all about creating and controlling momentum. With each swinging movement, you have to control the momentum, which works to strengthen your whole body, whilst improving your stability.”

Still need convincing?

David, Gym Manager says, “the Pulse 8 kettlebell class is the best way to cram a full body workout into 45 minutes. And you don’t have to be super strong to get started. Kettlebells are extremely versatile and can be used by members of all fitness abilities.”

Proper form is essential for ensuring you stay injury-free. Ask a member of the team if you need a quick demonstration, or come along to our much-loved kettlebells class! They run on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays every week.