Involving the whole family in your active life sets a great example for children and starts them forming the habit of healthy life choices – like visiting the gym! Kids at Pulse 8 will find lots of dynamic and energetic activities that they’ll love.

Family Fun.

Splashing about is all the more fun when the water is full of toys, floats and water noodles. For kids up to age of 11, these energetic sessions are huge fun for parents too. The water is comfortably warm, so you won’t get cold while you support your child in an exhilarating water world, that will leave them tired out and happy.


When you want to do a class or work out, the Pulse 8 Crèche is a fabulously creative place for kids up to the age of 8 to play and exercise their imaginations. Colourful, spacious and filled with opportunities to explore crafts and costumes, your child will find many stimulating activities in a safe environment.

Swim School.

Learning to swim at Pulse 8 is very special. The water is warm (it’s our spa pool with the jets turned off) so that little ones don’t get cold. We find that in our warm water they quickly develop a confidence and an eagerness to submerge themselves and in a very short time, with expert tuition from our swim school teachers, they’re swimming!


Badminton is a fabulous way to keep kids on their toes – the rackets are relatively lightweight and the shuttlecock flight forgiving, so that with a little practice, youngsters are soon able to hit their target. Join in and play yourself!

Junior Gym Membership.

Working out as a family is the ideal way to set a good example to youngsters. Kids can use CV equipment, e.g. running machines and cycles and TRX training equipment, whilst they are with you. They’ll make it look easy!