Lesley Busts the Plateau Myth

Keeping fitness fresh and fun

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to stay fit, healthy, enthusiastic and motivated about exercise? The answer is, they keep it enjoyable. There are lots of ways to enjoy fitness. Contrary to popular belief it’s not rocket science and you do know most of the answers! If you want to WANT to come to the gym, read on.

Lesley is one of our senior gym instructors. She’s lean, strong and unwaveringly committed to exercise in a BIG way. We asked her how she keeps it up. Here, she describes what happens when you ask the right questions and answer TRUTHFULLY. This is what Lesley says:

Are you a negative Nelly?

Making excuses and harping on about plateaus is just a way of not dealing with the issue.  I’ve never had a “plateau” because I’m constantly changing what I do so that neither my brain, nor my body get bored doing the same old thing over and over.

I love to keep it interesting and ever-changing by trying new things as often as I can, whether it’s a different class, a new routine or a change of scenery for a favourite activity. Variety is definitely the spice of a healthy and active life. Change and exercise are a magic combination which ensures you’re always looking forward to your next fitness activity. Staying out of a rut by constantly mixing it up all the time will alter your thought processes and your outlook. Your exercise will be something you can’t wait to do, instead of something you have to do.

Is your training pushing you to your best ability?

Truly, though, are you? Your body is made to move and loves it.  SO MOVE! I don’t stop, I just change the pace sometimes. Doing something different – perhaps a foam rolling activity or stretching is as important as the full-on work. Rest and active recovery are just as important as the harder stuff. When you’ve been very physically active, you’ll find sleep comes easier, so you’ve got your rest covered!

How much fun do you have?

I like to keep positive and upbeat and it means I really, really enjoy moving and challenging my body. If your routine is getting a bit stale it’s unlikely you’re giving it your all. It should always be entertaining and fun, so keep it social, meet people, train with different friends and interact with groups. With a changing attitude you’ll find that the workouts are easier and the results come quicker than you think.

Do you eat well for life?

Give your fitness a boost with a new look at your diet. Eating well is an absolute must to help power your fitness activities. And not just pre-holiday or to get you into the wedding outfit, but for life. I love mixing it up here too! I believe in being experimental and varied to keep it interesting and exciting. I definitely like my food to be like my fitness!

We’ve put together some ideas for deliciously healthy and easy salads [click to read]. But, to get a personal kick-start do talk to us for tips, tricks and ideas on pre and post-exercise foods, hydration strategies and how to stay away from the bad stuff.

Lesley’s positive attitude for exercise is perfectly represented by our Pulse 8 pictorial. Good exercise makes everything better! At Pulse 8 we’re all upbeat and positive, so we’re a good place to start. Talk to us and find out for yourself.