Lesley’s running tips

Are you feeling ready to run faster and longer, but not quite sure whether you have it in you?  Runners sometimes reach a stage where improvements plateau. Getting there quicker or stretching your best distance can seem just out of reach.  We’re here to show you how moving the goal posts can help you reach new PBs.

» Set the target

  • Dinton Pastures Summer Series 5km 11th May, 8th June, 13th July, 10th August
  • Woodley 10km 7th May
  • Run for Champagne 5km or 10km  20th August
  • Henley Half Marathon 8th October
  • Yateley 10km Series 7th June, 12th July, 2nd August
  • Windsor Half Marathon 24th September
  • Bracknell Half Marathon  7th May

» Mixing it up

Try a variety of different types of running to improve quicker:

  • Use interval training workouts in which you alternate periods of high-intensity exercise with low-intensity recovery periods to increase fitness. Sprint or run uphill for the high intensity bursts. Ask the gym team to show you how to run an interval training programme on the treadmills.
  • Try adding in a 30 / 60 minute threshold run (run at a comfortably hard pace for the duration).
  • Build up the miles with long steady runs.
  • Our super-friendly instructors can help you find HIIT training routines, ideal for runners, which could work wonders for you.

There are a few ideas here but you should build up over time rather than introducing sudden changes to your regime.

» Don’t forget

Recovery, including sleep, is just as important as the training.  Without it, your improvements will slow down or stop altogether. Try the exercises pictured below.