Live Young

Reaching your 90th birthday is a huge achievement but to be able to climb stairs, stand for long periods, go on walkabouts and discuss matters of state every week, is extraordinary.

So how does she do it?

The Queen believes in constant physical activity and her work requires it. Often desk bound, it can be more difficult for us to follow her example. Here we show you how with these three basic principles:

  • protect your bone density;
  • improve your posture; and
  • avoid muscle wastage.

Bone density

Weight bearing exercise and resistance exercises are particularly important for improving bone density and helping to prevent osteoporosis as well as damage and breakages from weak bones. Classes such as Young at Heart and Gravity are excellent classes to help protect your bone density. They’re also great fun!


Keeping your core strong helps to support and protect your lower back and helps promote good posture, which gives you a longer, thinner profile. Practising balancing and stability in classes like Yoga, Pilates and Body Balance will help strengthen your core and makes everyday activities much easier and safer.

Muscle Wastage

Did you know that age related muscle wastage starts in our thirties? It should not be ignored as it can lead to loss of strength and mobility, which is linked with frailty. Furthermore, as muscle mass decreases so this impacts on the amount of physical activity we do, which in turn impacts on muscle mass – it becomes a vicious cycle. Strength and resistance training are essential to break the cycle. Keep those muscles moving and they will work for you for as long as you want them to! Low Impact Circuit classes are ideal to help work all your muscles.

All together

“I really look forward to my classes as they make me feel so energised and I see no reason to slow down now.”

Regular exercise will improve balance, coordination, stamina and confidence. For an all-round class why not try Fitsteps? This unique dance fitness programme incorporates some of the best moves from the Latin world; it’s perfect to help with all of the essential things to keep you young and healthy for decades to come.

Fitness classes are a fantastic way to get involved, make friends and really enjoy the whole process of keeping fit. You’ll find the time flies by and before you know it, the physical work is done. Time for a treat and a catch up in the café!