Tips for wearing make-up + working out

Although most beauty professionals advise against wearing make-up in the gym, in the real world, many of us find it hard to go ‘au naturel’.

Follow our tips and your workout make-up will still be where you put it after a tough gym session!

Keep it light

  • Lightweight, water-based foundation, won’t clog pores or leave embarrassing lines down your face.
  • Avoid oil based cream blushers and gel lipsticks, which will just stick to your hair and slide off as you get warmer. Instead, add a very light dusting of powder blush (don’t forget your cheeks will colour up on their own during your workout) and use a lip stain that dries completely matt.
  • Always remember NOT to touch your face during your workout. Your hands will pick up bacteria from the equipment you use – transferring them to your hot, open pores is never a good idea!

  • Use a dedicated make-up remover or, if you find yourself without, a little squeeze of moisturiser or lotion to remove your make-up or just to tidy up. Avoid the face wipes at all costs!
  • Mascara is a must-have basic for a gym workout, but it has to be a no-smudge waterproof variety. You’ll have that lovely wide-awake look, without the stinging of mascara dripping into your eyes as you build up a sweat.

These simple tips will keep your make up looking beautiful before, during and after every gym workout.