Classes uncovered: Functional Circuits

This class is addictive! I had never attended a class before and now I can’t wait to go again. The ambience was fantastic and the music was brilliant. Mikki was incredibly motivating, pushing you to work hard and offering guidance on technique. Everyone was very friendly, there was a sense of camaraderie with men and women of all ages united in their attempt to complete the circuits!

This class is tough! I thought I was fit but after this full body workout I was completely exhausted. I left feeling I had worked hard but I had a big smile on my face. I would definitely urge you to give circuits a go but consider reading my tips below!

  • Survival tip 1

    I would definitely recommend arriving early for your first class. Take the opportunity to look at the exercises laid out in the sports hall so that you know what’s in store. A little insight will help you plan how to pace yourself.

  • Survival tip 2

    Don’t speed out of the blocks, this is a high intensity 40 minute class! Complete the first few sets before deciding whether to push yourself even harder.

  • Survival tip 3

    Eat before the class, I attended straight after work and hadn’t eaten since lunch. I would definitely recommend a snack an hour or so before hand.

  • Survival tip 4

    Refuel! This class is high energy, for the best recover you must have a something ready to eat after the class, I grabbed a protein shake!