Virtual Spin

The latest fitness trend

Since virtual spinning was introduced to Pulse 8 Gym, I have been curious to discover whether I would feel as motivated without one of our favourite instructors at the helm!

Virtual spinning is described as the next frontier, designed to allow people to work out whenever it suits them. Sure enough my colleague Sam and I were delighted to discover a midday class which we could squeeze into our lunch break!

The class, which is projected onto the back wall of the studio is led by five Les Mills instructors, Sam and I had feared this might be impersonal but we were taken by surprise. The instructors worked together to create a high energy buzz and you felt they wanted you to achieve. With every track their enthusiasm and motivating instruction saw us pushing ourselves to the max.

The class makes fantastic use of music to motivate with the instructors highlighting the beat to set the pace. The 45 minutes passed quickly with each track featuring a different combination of racing and climbing. Focusing on the pace and beats definitely takes your mind off the burn in your legs!

My fitbit confirmed I had worked just as hard in this class as I would in an instructor led class. For Sam, who was completely new to spin felt this class, with only a handful of attendees, offered a less intimidating introduction to spinning.

We both concluded that there was absolutely no reason to view virtual as anything less than another great option on the timetable with fantastic music and great instructors.