More HIIT less salsa!

Brand new class

A group of us, 3 girls and 2 guys decided to try the new Strong by Zumba class on Wednesday evening. I have to say I was dubious – I have two left feet and was certain I would make a fool of myself!

Strong is a music led interval training workout and this sets itself apart from all other workout classes. The music is specifically designed to sync with the workouts so every punch, kick and jump has a coinciding beat. This idea is that the music helps you progress quicker and push though the challenging sets!

Strong is not, as I had feared, a dance cardio workout. The class is based on effective body weight, conditioning and cardio moves. The progressive warm-up included dynamic moves which raised my heart rate. Then an intense combination of squats, punches, jacks and kicks had me build up a sweat. The music is fantastic, each track is punchy and I felt compelled to move, I even found myself motivated to complete a set with burpees! Brief periods of active recovery allowed us to reset without stopping. The final set saw us planking and crunching on a mat – giving us a total body focus!

Personally I think the music makes this class. Moving to the beat makes you feel strong and powerful. The class was engaging and fun and time passed so quickly.

But what did the guys think?

I usually use free weights and cardio based equipment and never thought I would enjoy a class but STRONG is so upbeat and targets all parts of the body, I would definitely do it again!

I found the class challenging – it definitely made me sweat! I couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed