Performance Incentive

The women who use the Performance Zone at Pulse 8 have a message for other ladies out there.  It’s an emphatic one – “Don’t be afraid and go for it – the results are worth it!

We recently surveyed female members who use the Performance Zone regularly. They said that overcoming the slightly intimidating idea of being in a place where bodybuilders hang out has some great benefits! It’s the perfect place for active women who are doing their thing no matter how they look or how red their face gets.

The stereotype is understandable. There is potential in there to lift some serious iron and, yes, you will find our muscle builders in there – the equipment lends itself to their exercise goals. But those ladies who brave the unfamiliar setting say they have “more confidence in their body shape and appearance” and that they feel like “stronger versions of themselves”.

We discovered that the ladies regularly using the Performance Zone think it’s a great space with a “nice community of members” and they’re really keen to see more women join them. They prefer the machines and the volume of specific kit (such as squat racks) with their main goals to strengthen, tone and shape their bodies. They said they see better results as the machines in their target specific areas of the body are more relevant to their everyday activities/lifestyle.

We asked “What advice would you give to other ladies wanting to use the Performance Zone?” and had varied feedback with lots of valid points including:

  • Train with a friend – even just to get you started as it’s a great confidence booster to be with someone else.
  • Have a plan of what you are trying to achieve and what areas you are looking to improve.
  • Speak to the fitness team for advice and exercise technique – book in a fitness Passport Session to take you through the equipment and your form.

Case in point

Pulse 8 member, Kasia is a Performance Zone fanatic and with good reason. With a family history of osteoporosis she knows just what’s coming if she doesn’t take evasive action. She firmly believes that all women will benefit from a strength based programme, as weight bearing exercises play a huge part in protecting and strengthening bones. Kasia’s enthusiasm for the Performance Zone doesn’t stop with the health benefits. She knows that it improves her body shape and takes great confidence from her toned and fit profile. Her favourite exercise is a Bulgarian Squat and she says she feels fantastic after her workouts!

Myth Buster

You will not get “bulky” from weight training! Lower levels of testosterone in women, means that instead of “bulking” you’ll gain muscle tone, definition and actually appear leaner!

Truth telling

Strength training builds bone density and helps to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis. It can help with posture improvements.

Muscle burns more calories than fat! For each pound of muscle you gain, you burn 35-50 more calories each day just by sitting still! A win-win!

The Performance Zone is for everyone, including you ladies, and can help achieve some striking results in body shaping – we’ll show you how.