Pulse 8 Gym Challenge

August 2016

Five rings, five challenges

How would you fare against Tina, Rob, Lesley, Lucas….? Join in the Olympic fun with our gym team.

All those who complete the challenge will be entered into a prize draw to win a day of relaxation at Nirvana Spa for two.

We also have fantastic daily prizes for those who take part including one month free Pulse 8 membership vouchers, Pulse 8 water bottles, guest passes or Pulse 8 Cafe vouchers.

We’ve set up five challenges, one for each of the Olympic rings, to test your:

Strength, Power, Endurance, Speed, Core

Can you beat the gym team?

Everyone can join in with these five simple challenges.  Just complete each test once and compare your performance with the gym team.  At the end of August, we hope you’ll have been working on our tips to improve, then try the challenge again and see how far you’ve come!

How to join in

  • Collect your record card (one per member)
  • Record your first attempt at each challenge
  • Submit your card to be entered in our daily prize draw
  • Keep an eye on digital signage to see if you are one of our lucky winners
  • Follow the suggested tips below to improve your performance
  • Record your second, improved, scores at the end of August onto your record card
  • Re-submit your record card to be entered into the prize draw for the Nirvana Day Spa voucher

All activities take place in the cube zones.  Ask any member of the fitness team for your record card, to join in and have a chance to win. Watch the leader boards and you’ll see how the gym team compare with each other. Can Miki beat Rob?

Take part with Pulse 8!