What should you be doing on your recovery day

Did you know that your body actually experiences change while it’s at rest and not while you’re pumping iron or running a race? 

Whether you’re into bodybuilding or strength training, during rest your body rebuilds you better and stronger than it was before, in order to be more effective next time.  If you fail to schedule recovery, have rest days and active recovery days, get enough sleep, or properly manage muscle tightness, you will be limiting your results.  Overtraining causes injuries and lowers performance so to get better you must achieve a good balance.

There’s a difference between rest and recovery and your body needs both. 
Rest is a simple combination of sleep and time spent not training.  Recovery refers to various techniques to maximise your body’s repair.

Pre-Workout Smoothie

7 Ways to rest and repair

  1. This can be in the form of a good night’s sleep, a power nap during the day or an active recovery session – e.g. yoga or swimming.
  2. Drink plenty during and after exercise.
  3. Eat carbohydrates straight after exercise (e.g. banana milk) and include protein in your diet.
  4. Correct posture can be maintained with regular yoga sessions or Body Balance classes.
  5. Pilates is a great way to stretch out hard worked muscles.
  6. Self-myofascial release, e.g. foam roller.
  7. Heat/ice/compression/massage. Use these methods to prevent little pains getting worse or to relieve delayed onset muscle soreness.

Olympic athletes have to use rest and recovery in their training but they also have to do a lot more training than most people.  In order to achieve this they change their activities to switch muscle groups.  Swimming and yoga are excellent activities, which can be included as part of your recovery.