Ski Season Workout

Are you ready to ski? Before you hit the slopes, it’s important to make sure you condition your body so you ski strong and prevent injury and muscle soreness.

Here are 4 simple and effective exercises, which focus on endurance, strength and stability, to add to your workout before you go.

Romanian Deadlifts

The Romanian Deadlift is a great exercise for developing strength in the lower back. The exercise emulates the skier’s body position, which is usually flexed, and leaning forward from the hips. It’s also great for lengthening the hamstrings, and strengthening quads and glutes.

Box Jumps

This explosive exercise will enable you to bash bumps better on the slopes, as it strengthens your ankle, knee and hip joints. It’s also great for preventing injury when continually changing direction.


The lunge is a must-have addition to any work out, as it strengthens your knees and ankles, tones your quads, and increases flexibility in your hips. It’s particularly good for skiers, as it improves core stability which is essential for good posture and balance.

Squats + Single Leg Squat

No one wants to end a fun day on the mountain feeling exhausted and achy! Squats are great for building muscles in your thighs, which are arguably the hardest working muscles in skiing. Try some challenging squat combinations incorporating 1-legged squats, box squats and low pulses.

For a plan specifically tailored to you, book in with one of our expert trainers, and remember you receive 6 1-1 sessions completely free of charge.