Have you tried the skill mill yet?

Over the course of the next few months, we will be sharing three videos to help you progress from a beginner to an accomplished skill mill user. Start now and reap the benefits of this fantastic piece of kit.

The non-motorised running belt offers so much more:

  • Self generated movements

    All movements are self-generated, which means more muscle action is needed to make the belt move! This makes the Skillmill perfect for toning and maximum calorie burn, whether you are simply walking or working on high intensity sprints!

  • Curved belt

    The curved belt promotes both an optimum foot strike and an upright posture helping to prevent injury.

  • Resistance meter

    The resistance meter allows for a huge range of movements to push your body including agility movements and heavy resistance!

Recap of safety tips:

  • When you first get onto the skill mill, stand feet astride of the belt.
  • Before you begin a workout set the resistance between 5 and 10.
  • Always start by stepping onto the belt at the back of the curve as this will not move the belt. When you are ready to move, hold the bars to help with balance until you feel comfortable, and step towards the front of the curve to start the belt moving.