How to build the perfect soup

Forget about recipes and rules.  Making soup is the easiest and tastiest way to create a fabulous meal for the table or for travel, without actually cooking.  Throw whatever you fancy together and walk away. Come back to an effortless, delicious and thoroughly nutritious meal.

You don’t need to:

  1. peel – if it’s clean, use it with the skin on
  2. look at a recipe – be adventurous and use whatever you fancy
  3. be there – if you have a slow cooker
  4. worry – it will all turn out right in the end

Slow it down

If you have a slow cooker, roughly chop everything and anything (that’s right, no peeling and practically no prep) and come back to delicious aromas and a mouth-watering meal.  You can add beans, dried or canned, lentils or whatever else you have in the back of the cupboard.


Speed it up

When you’re not using a slow cooker, mince down the vegetables first and sweat them in a little oil and butter.  Onion is always a good starter and garlic adds depth, but EVERYTHING works!  Then fill up the pot with water or stock, add seasoning and a bouquet garni, if you like herbs.

Cut corners and experiment

Combine sundried tomatoes with tinned tomatoes to make a wonderful and warming tomato soup. Or, add a can of tomatoes to any soup for a touch of Mediterranean flavour.

Here’s a great tip – Waitrose Quick Cook range of pre-cooked pulses are brilliant. They only need 10 minutes and will beef up any mix of vegetables into a thick and nourishing meal.