Your body, in balance

There are, of course, some very well-known benefits from the practice of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates -improved flexibility and range of motion, better posture and core strength.  But what else can this type of holistic exercise do for us?

With regular practice you’ll notice better weight control, improved sleep patterns, a stronger immune system and renewed energy.  Which is why we’re seeing such an increase in popularity in classes like Body Balance.

What is Body Balance?

Body Balance is a fusion of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. It’s perfect for lengthening and strengthening muscles and improving core stability to give an all over body workout, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran yoga enthusiast.

A popular misconception is that holistic exercise is too easy to be of much physical benefit, but until you’ve tried it, don’t judge it!  The movements can be challenging and testing, depending on the level.


Where can I join a class?

At Pulse 8 we offer many different wellbeing classes.  We offer three varieties of Yoga, Tai Chi Fit and Body Balance, plus a six-weekly Pilates course not included with our timetable classes.  To find out more about which classes might suit you, speak to us!  We know there are classes that will bring you great benefits and once you’ve learned the principles, you can practice at home, whenever you want.

Daily practice helps you to deal with the stresses of life, bringing your mental wellbeing into balance with your physical fitness.

“Yoga is a powerful vehicle for change.  As you build strength,

you start to believe in your own potential.”

 Tiffany Cruikshank